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When is the best time to do maternity photography sessions?

Most mothers prefer to have their maternity portraits taken when they are around 7-8 months pregnant, Mum-to-be is not too uncomfortable, but belly is beautifully round.

Maternity sessions are generally scheduled when you are between 33 – 37 weeks however, when to schedule your session is an individual preference. It is preferred to hold the session when your belly is nice and round, however you are still feeling “comfortable” to be able to move around.


How long does this photo session take?

Maternity sessions usually take around 1 hour, with a few outfit changes.


When should I book my maternity photography session?

As soon as possible. It is best to contact me well in advance to schedule your session, as I typically book out months in advance.


What do I need to wear & what should I bring?

I suggest you bring along 2 of your own outfits to capture a variety of styles and to personality your look. You may also utilize the studio range of maternity wear with options of dresses, fabric wraps and scarves to highlight your bump and create a stylish natural look. We do encourage you to include your partner and other children in the shoot as this is a special time for them as well.





When is the best time to do newborn photography sessions?

melbourne newborn photographypinimageMost clients book their newborn sessions when baby is around one week of age (between 6 – 10 days old) in order to get the very best result from your session.

As newborns get older (10 days +) they tend to have longer awake periods, and become more challenging to settle, as they are easily disturbed while dreaming. Also, most babies will have a flush of skin spots at some stage between 2 and 8 weeks of age.

Where is the session held?

As newborn photography is very specialised, all sessions are held in Brittany’s in home studio in Altona Meadows, where it is easy to set up and move between props with little fuss for the family, and more importantly your new little one. Generally Newborn Photography sessions are held during the week, at around 10am.

How long does this photo session take?

As a newborn is unpredictable, we work to their schedule! Therefore a newborn session can take up to 3 hours or more. This allows for feeding, cuddles, changing etc. These sessions are never rushed! Please be prepared to be patient and go with the flow – your babies flow!


When should I book my newborn photography session?

Its advised to book your session while still pregnant, to ensure you a session around your due date to capture your little one as new as possible. Sessions typically book out months in advance.

We will make a tentative booking for your newborn session based on your due date – if your bundle arrives earlier or later than expected, this can easily be changed.  If your baby is being born via C-section or induction, we can book your session prior to your baby being born.

If you have already had your new baby, please contact me as I may have some availability to fit you in. If I am unable to do so, I am more than happy to refer you to other professional newborn photographers.


What do I need to wear & what should I bring?

Newborn Photography sessions with Something Meaningful are all about simplicity.

For baby, s/he will be photographed in their beautiful bare skin, and for parents we suggest simple colours, white or black.  A change of clothes for everyone is recommended as a healthy baby will make a mess at times!

I always encourage sentimental items to be photographed with baby, such as old teddies, blankets etc. Most props and blankets featured on the website are available at the studio.

I prefer not to over-cluetter or over-accessorise. I prefer your baby to be the main focus of my work. My style is minimalistic & clean. Nude is usually best, with neutral & muted tones blankets & wraps.





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When is the best time to do baby photography sessions?

Yesterday! Any parent will tell you how quickly your little ones will grow, so it’s absolutely essential that we capture them at these early of life. Any age is perfect for capturing all those beautiful wide eyed shots & cheeky smiles!

Between 6 – 9 months is one of my favourite ages – babies have loads of personality, are usually sitting up unassisted & those chubby little rolls are just divine!


How long does this photo session take?

Baby sessions usually take between 1 – 1.5 hours. This allows time for a few outfit changes, feeding & nursing if needed.


When should I book my baby’s photography session?

Generally when your baby can sit without assistance or be placed on their tummy with enough strength to hold themselves without crawling is the PERFECT age! This can happen any time within 5 – 12 months of age. If your baby is already crawling, this is perfectly fine. This just means we need to keep up with your little one.


What do I need to wear & what should I bring?

Clothing choices for babies session is usually simplistic, ensuring your darling is the main focus of my work. I always encourage clients to bring any sentimental items they would like photographed with bubby (their favourite book, teddy, blanket etc.).

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